sábado, 1 de mayo de 2010

No man is an island

"I don't think couples are the future. You need more than that. You need backup. The way I saw it, Will and I both had backup now. It's like that thing he told me Jon Bon Jovi said:
"No man is an island."


A penny for your thoughts now baby
Looks like the weight of the world's
On your shoulders now
I know you think you're going crazy
Just when it seems everything's
Gonna work itself out
They drive you right back down
And you said it ain't fair
That a man walks
When a bird can fly
We have to kick the ground
The stars kiss the sky They say that spirits live
A man has to die
They promised us truth
Now they're giving us lies
Gonna take a miracle top save us this time
And your savior has just left town
Gonna need a miracle
'Cause it's all on the line
And I won't let you down
(No I won't let you down)
The river of your hope is flooding
And I know the dam is busted
If you need me I'll come running
I won't let you down... no, no
You're looking for salvation
You thought that it'd be shining
Like an angel's light
Well, the angels left this nation
And salvation caught the last train
Out tonight
He lost one hell of a fight
He said I'm just one man, that's all
I'll ever be
I never can be everything you wanted from me
I've got plans so big
That any blind man could see
I'm standing in the river
Now I'm drowning in the sea
Gonna take a miracle to save us this time
And your savior has just left town
Gonna need a miracle
'Cause your heart's on the line
And your heartbeat is slowing down
Your feet are grounded still
You're reaching for the sky
You can let 'em clip your wings
'Cause I believe that you can fly
Well my eyes have seen the horror
Of the coming of the flood
I've driven deep the thorny crown
Into the soul of someone's son
Still I'll look you in the eye
'Cause I've believed in things
I've thought
And I'll die without regret
For the wars I have fought
Gonna take a miracle top save you this time
And your savior has just left town
Gonna need a miracle
'Cause your heart's doing time
And your conscience is calling you out
It ain't all for nothing
Life ain't written in the sand
I know the tide is coming
But it's time we made a stand
With a miracle...

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Anónimo dijo...

La vida de por si es un bello milagro, y despues se suceden dìa a dia otros milagros, siempre buscamos nuevos milagros y si deseamos fervientemente al cielo quizas ocurran, tan solo creer en algo vale la pena, y creer en alguien aun mas me parece que es un poco asi...y yo en lo personal soy de acompañar (no soy de fallar, no lo dudes!). Desperto tu blog, no se puede creer!! Que bueno!! ahora acompañamos mas que nunk!